Orgatec Trade Fair 2018 Key trends


This year’s fair kept the growing trend with 753 exhibitors from 39 countries and 63’000 visitors from 142 counties.

In terms of key trends:

Looking for flexibility still has a strong mark as a lot of the solutions provide possibilities for quick rearrangement of a certain area or are designed for multipurpose use.

Quality of working environment is also important as phone booths, pods, high back seating and hoods provide privacy and a bit more quietness. Speaking of quietness, acoustics have more and more place within the office environment. Biophilic principles as greenery, water and natural like textures, colors and patterns are also strong. All of which increasing the ‘office well being’

Unsurprisingly, Orgatec 2018 was all about ever changing work cultures, with flexibility a key theme: flexibility to quickly change the layout or use of a space, flexibility to collaborate and communicate wherever you are, flexibility to reclaim traditional office space for time away from the desk. So, products designed for multifunctional areas were everywhere, always pushing creative boundaries further and experimenting with shapes and finishes – seating booths, meeting pods, personal storage lockers but also telephone booths, open shelving systems, meeting and office enclosures.