Imm Cologne


Imm cologne is one of the most important dates on the interior design calendar and gathers the entire industry in the very beginning of the year. This year the dates were 13-19.01.

The trade fair introduces the upcoming trends and launches from around the world. Imm cologne 2020 presented a few leading concepts:

The Organizer is aware of the state of our planet. He is inspired by Eastern culture and mindfulness, and hardly ever affected by consumerism. This person enjoys greenery and craftsmanship.

The Sculptor is a collector of modern materials and a minimalist in the organic sense. He appreciates materials with natural and geometric look.

The Simplifier is fond of concrete, iron, plywood and neutral colors, Snadinavian design fan. He is happy to live in an absence of bright colors and find joy in minimalism.

One of the highlights of imm cologne 2020 to us was definitely be the Prostoria booth. Simple, elegant, modern and clean designs always finished with a special something.

This year promises soft colors, rounded shapes and natural materials, as well as practical, functional and long-lasting decisions