Stellar Works asian sensibility and timeless craft


We are excited to welcome Stellar Works in our family. The company was born in 2013 inspired by the founders desire to give a new identity to the Asian design, tradition and craftmanship. From the beginning they start collaborating with one of the most recognized names in the design world such as Space Copenhagen, Sebastian Heckner and the architectural studio Neri&Hu who stand behind the art direction of the brand. The result is design that in one hand brings the best of the Asian sensibility and culture, in other hand the European modernism and craftsmanship. The Bridge between East and West, old and new, in addition to most high-quality workmanship, bring Stellar Works on the top of the design world by becoming one of the fastest growing furniture brands in both residential and contract field.

Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai and London. They are world-wide famous with their unconventional forms that are born by the context of time and space. The multi-cultural staff reinforces a core vision to rediscover the ancient crafts by giving them a contemporary touch, experience and form both in architecture and product design. They’ve received many awards including, Wallpaper* Designer of the year in 2014 and Madrid Design Festival Award in 2020.